Anónimo: How about you post some of your own art instead of reposting others so much?





Porque no se me cantan las pelotas D:  , 
ademas solo lo reposteo, nunca dije que fuera mio , 
asi que, tomatela D: , tomatela te dije , image

quien te conoce papá xD?   

Lady Kasmeer Meade.




Attunement: water

These screenshots!

I never saw this awesome feather-thingy staff :o

what is this ._.

thats the norn cultural trident. I wish it was a staff skin tho. T-T

Twisted marionette aftermath. I feel partly responsible for Kasmeer’s current condition :(. Our platform got wiped out and I had to watch the champ pummel her as the timer ran out. It all ended with a “I warned you..”
Kasmeer, you’re a strong girl but you’re going to give Jory a heart attack some day.

Happy Valintines day :)
Gotta say Kas is pretty professional with her work. How shes able to restrain her self from jumping on Jory when shes giving all that sweet talk is any ones guess.
New teddy bear companion?

Lady Kasmeer Meade x Marjory Delaqua : Detective Girl friends.
Helping this ship out with more art <3. Keep me sourced please.

Guild Wars 2
Twisted Marionette
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